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 Battalion Rank Structure and Responsibilities

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PostSubject: Battalion Rank Structure and Responsibilities    Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:51 am

Battalion Rank Structure

[size=8pt](Special thanks to Greenbeard for allowing me to use these)[/size]

German:  English:  Abbreviation:
Kaptain  Captain  Kpt
Premierleutnant  First Lieutenant  Plt
Leutnant  Lieutenant  Lt
Fähnrich  Ensign  Fahn
Feldwebel  Sergeant Major  Fwbl
Unteroffizier  Sergeant  Uffz
Korporal  Corporal  Kpl
Stabsgefreiter  Lance Corporal  SGfr
Gefreiter  Distinguished Private  Gfr
Gemeiner  Private  Gmnr
Rekrut  Recruit  Rek

Rank Responsibility

The officers of the battalion have a diverse set of responsibilities, both on and off the field. The officers of the regiment are expected to be both kind and respectful to members of the regiment, both above and below them on the chain of command, and to members of other regiments and the community. When a member of the regiment becomes an officer, he accepts that he now have responsibilities to the regiment that he must fulfill these obligations, or be removed from his position. These responsibilities are dependent on rank, but all officers above the rank of unteroffizier will be obligated to do their part. The responsibilities of the officers, and description of their ranks are as follows:


Kaptain (Kpt): The Hauptmann is a captain of a musketeer company. It is his job to run the company as a whole. He is in charge of recruitment for his platoons, and is the one that will organizes the placement of recruits into their sections. He is also in charge of placing and directing his subordinates, from his fellow officers, to the NCO's. He must make sure that each platoons is functioning, and that each unit has the ability to fight alone, and together as a company. The Hauptmann is also in charge of designating what drills and maneuvers his company will be doing. In short it is his job to right his company's drill-book, and to come up with new ideas for formations, drills or exercises.

Premierleutnant (Plt): The premierleutnant, or the 1st lieutenant is the commander of the musketeer company's first zug. He leads the senior zug, and should be the more experienced of the platoon commanders. It is his responsibility to watch after his platoon. Like the Hauptmann, the zug is his responsibility, so he must personally oversee it's training and performance on the field. He is in charge of his platoons sections, training his NCO's and making sure that section 1 and section 2 are balanced. He trains his platoon as a whole, making sure that everyone knows what they are doing in the field. During linebattles he leads the platoon personally, or he over watches, and directs the individual sections.

leutnant (Lt): The lieutenant is the junior officer in charge of commanding the second zug of the company. He should have less experience then the Oblt, but should be able to command his platoon with ease. It is his responsibility to control his platoon. He is in charge of it's training and keeping it's combat effectiveness. He is expected to oversee the two sections of the regiment, to make sure that each one is up to it's regulation strength. He trains his platoon as a whole, making sure that everyone knows what they are doing in the field. During linebattles he leads the platoon personally, or he over watches, and directs the individual sections.

Junior Officers:

OberFeldwebel (Ofw): The Oberfedwebel is the most senior NCO in the company. As he is the most senior NCO, he needs to have the most experience of all of the NCO's. He handles many of the administrative duties on the company level, including the initiation of potential recruits into the regiment. It is the duty of the Oberfeldwebel to help the Hauptmann run the company, in any way possible. In the absence of the Hauptmann, the Oberfeldwebel is in charge of regulation training, running the company level exercises, and supervising the platoon level drills. The Oberfeldwebel should have the ability to run the company alone without the Hauptmann present.

Feldwebel (Fw): The Feldwebel is the Platoon sergeant of the zug. Each zug will be assigned one Feldwebel. The Feldwebel has many administrative duties, as well as responsibilities on the field. He is meant to serve as an assistant to the officer of the zug. His duties include taking attendance, watching the sections during training, enforcing the code of conduct of the regiment, and is in charge of discipline within his platoon.  As the Feldwebel is an experienced member of the regiment, methods of punishment will be up to him. The Feldwebel is meant to serve as the assistant to his officer.

The majority of the members of the unit will be part of the rank and file of the battalion. The rank and file have a smaller responsibility to the regiment, but still are responsible for their own actions. Every member of the unit is expected to be responsible for himself, and to abide by the code of conduct of the regiment. The primary responsibilities of the NCO's of the rankers is to the sections of the companies platoons, as each section is is led by the most senior NCO's the Unteroffizier.

Non Commissioned Officers:

Unteroffizer (Uffz):  The Responsibility of an Unteroffizer is to be the leader of one of the sections of a musketeer platoon. It is his duty to help make section and platoon decisions, and to help the regiment to the best of his ability. His section is his responsibility, and it his duty to make it the most combat effective unit that he can. He is in charge of training his section, and making sure new recruits understand the working of the regiment. If needed the Unteroffizier will also lead the section in combat, when the platoon does a split maneuver. Because of the fact that his section will consist of about 16-20 men, the Unteroffizier will be expected to know each man personally, and offer advice to each soldier about being more successful on the field and in the regiment in general.

Korporal (Kpl): As I stated before, it is a Korporal's responsibility to help  run one of the individual sections of the platoon. He is in charge of helping the Unteroffizier in any way possible. He is second in command of a section, and must be able to lead that section. During training, he will supervise the line, and check on individuals to make sure that they fully understand what is being taught. During linebattles, he will stand at either the front, or the back of the section's column to take over if necessary. The Korporal has administrative duties as well, including handling the sections attendance spreadsheet, and updating the roster in teamspeak, and on the forums.


Stabsgefreiter (SGfr): A Stabsgefreiter is the Korporal and Unteroffizier's right hand man, and most experienced ranker in the section. The job of the Stabsgefreiter is to set an example. The Stabsgefreiter shows the newer guys how things are done. Someone is awarded the rank of Stabsgefreiter if they are an experienced and active member of the regiment, but would not like to go on to become an Korporal or unteroffizer. To become a Stabsgefreiter, one must show a great spirit, great ability on the field, a complete mastery of the working of the regiment, and most of all, dedication to the regiment.

Gefreiter (Gfr): The Gefreiter is a distinguished private. One step above your regular soldier. This is a rank awarded to those who have begun to show their proficiency, and have been in the regiment for some time. The Gefreiter will also serve to help the Korporal by setting an example. It will be his job to flawlessly execute the officers commands.

Gemeiner (Gmnr): The average ranker of the regiment. It is his duty to attend as many events as he can. It is his job to understand basic working of the regiment. It is his responsibility to prove that his promotion past recruit was just. It is his job to make up the main fighting force of the regiment.

Rekrut (Rek): I Rekrut is someone who has just joined the regiment, and is going through a two week period of evaluation. If they show their ability, they will be promoted to Gmnr.

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Battalion Rank Structure and Responsibilities
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