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 School of the Platoon

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School of the Platoon

The public drill book is a guide created to serve as a public resource for members of the Napoleonic wars community to use for their regiment. This drill book contains an extensive collection of commands for lines fighting in double ranks, put together from the manuals of the 1stEPI, 19te, 4teSLR, and 1tesPmrs. The original formations, and the original diagrams, as well as the name "School of the Platoon" are all made by the glorious Argus of the 1stWFI. I have taken the original school of the platoon, and modified it slightly to make it the "School of the Platoon" that you are currently viewing. Thank you for reading, if you would like to use this particular drill book, please do as you will need no permission from me. I would like to state again, I did not come up with these maneuvers, and I would like to  thank all of the regiments previous to me that have gone through so much work to create these formations.  

I would like to dedicate this training manual, and to the ideas that it expresses, to the wonderful 1stEPI. The EPI are the ones that wrote the book on double line formations, and have been the biggest influence on me in the NW community. I would like to thank them for all they have done for our group of players, and all they have done for me. None of this would be possible without you guys, thank. Good Fight, join the lith.

School of the Platoon J847svV

"PlatoonForm on my left/right"

To form the platoon, the officer will take position and call for the platoon to fall in and the platoon will fall in on his left or right in files of two. The end files of the line should be made by men the rank of Gefreiter (Private First Class) or above.  After the Gefreiters fall in the rest of the line will fall in one at a time, with 3/4th's of a man spacing in-between each file of two men. Once all men have formed in this fashion, the line is ready to move out.  

School of the Platoon NQgochQ

"Platoon, By guide Right Prepare to Move Out. Forward March"

When the platoon has formed, and moves out in line, the officer will give the command, "By guide right forward march". This means that the most right hand file will begins marching forward as soon as the officer gives the march command. Once The rear ranking man of rightmost file has moved out and pass the shoulder of the man to his left , the file to the left of them will begin to move, once they have moved out the file to their left will move out, so on and so forth.

School of the Platoon 0lkvMHQ
"Platoon, Prepare to Hold. Platoon Hold"

When advancing by guide right and the officer wants to bring the line to a hold he will give the command "Prepare to Hold" notifying the men that they will be stopping, continued by, "Hold". When the command "Hold" is given, the files fall in one at a time to the officers left. Each file making sure to be 3/4th's of a man to the left of the file to their right.

School of the Platoon O8qQFBD
"Platoon, Right Wheel, March"

If the needs arises to change the angle in which the line is facing, the officer will order a wheel. When the officers calls, "Right wheel" the man on the extreme right of the line will move forward and hold his musket in the air to signify the angle of the wheel (the angle will be a 90º unless there is an obvious target such as a line, in which the man will align the wheel to face the line directly). On "March" his file partner will march to meet the lead man. Once he has gone the file to his left will take up position on the rightmost file's left. Once the man in the second rank of a file has passed the shoulder of the front rank man to his left, that file will then go. This process will continue until the entire line is facing right instead of center.

School of the Platoon XRVnl1w
"Platoon, Right Wheel, March"

When moving our by guide right, the line can be ordered to do a right wheel while marching, allowing line to change from marching forward to marching to the right. When the order is given, the line will swing around to be on the officers left, who has pivoted a 90º to his right. The line will continue to move and function as it did during a normal by guide right movement.

School of the Platoon VlBB0Rh
"Platoon, Right Face, Prepare to Move Out, Forward March"

Instead of moving out by files right, a formed up line can choose to move out in a column of files. To do so the officer will simply give the order, "Right Face" and the line will face right. At "Prepare to move out, forward march" the column of files will all begin marching forward, one file after another.

School of the Platoon RpxSmil
"Platoon, by files left, March"

Moving out in a column of files, the platoon can maneuver by wheels. On the order "Right wheel, march" the officer will make a 90º turn to his right, as will each set of files that comes into column behind him. No file should cut corners, and all should be making a sharp 90º turn exactly where the officer does his.

School of the Platoon Ss4VLnj
"Platoon, Counter Wheel, March"

When the line is forced to turn around abruptly, the command "Counter wheel, march" will be used to turn the line completely around. The officer will also signify which direction the counter wheel will be turning. For example, a counter wheel left will be to the left side of the line, and vice-versa. Like a regular wheel on the move,  the men will not cut in line, but wait to wheel where the officer has.

School of the Platoon 3IlpyOl
"Platoon, Deploy Line on My Left, March"

When the line needs to deploy from a column of files into line, the officer will give the command, "deploy line on my left, march" and the platoon will switch from a column to a line. The left hand column will form the front rank of the line, and the right column will form the rear rank. The movement is a front to back movement, with the file directly behind the officer moving to form on his left first, and then continuing on after that. Once the movement is complete, the platoon will be positioned on the officers left in a double rank line.

That concludes the school of the Platoon! Thanks for reading. All credit goes to the EPI for making any of this possible.
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School of the Platoon
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