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 Dazza's Application

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PostSubject: Dazza's Application   Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:21 pm

In-game Name:The_Lone_Wolf
Steam username:The Wold Dazz
Do you have teamspeak3 Client installed on your computer, or can you install it soon?Yes
How did you hear about the 4te? Did someone refer you? If so who?Jishnu
Regimental Experience:Jishnu's old Regiments

Which events can you attend on a regular basis?

Monday Weekday Training - 8PM EST Depends
Tuesday Night Linebattle - 8PM EST Depends
Thursday Weekday 1v1 - 8PM EST Depends
Friday Linebattle- 9pm EST Depends
Saturday Siege linebattle - 8PM EST Yes

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A1 Unteroffizier

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PostSubject: Re: Dazza's Application   Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:04 pm

Enlistment Accepted:

Name: The_Lone_Wolf

Thank you for Enlisting with the 4th Silesian Landwehr. Your application has been accepted and the next step in becoming a member is to complete the following:

Join the Regimental Steam Page for Important Updates and Reminders about Linebattles and Trainings!
Steam Page

Please Change your in-game name to:


And change your in-game Banner to:

Teamspeak: Our Teamspeak information is: ts3.1stepi.com
You may change your name to: Rkt *Name*
There is a channel called, "4te Silesian Landwehr", that is where we will be. Contact a Admin and ask for the 4te Server Tag.

Attendance Policy:
While we fully understand if you have to miss a training or Linebattle/Event, your attendance is a significant factor in receiving future promotion, and any advancement in the regiment.  We Encourage that you attend at least ONE Training per week and ONE Linebattle per week.

We have 5 events a week.

Monday- Iron Europe Conquest, 8 pm EST
Tuesday- Napoleonic Wars Linebattle, 8 Pm EST
Wednesday- No Events
Thursday- Napoleonic Wars Training, 8 pm EST
Friday- Napoleonic Wars Linebattle, 9 pm EST
Saturday- Napoleonic Wars Siege, 8 pm EST
Sunday- No Events

You can add me on steam: Kingbigb2, I have a picture of a penguin with a tophat. You can ask me any question.
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Dazza's Application
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